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The most crucial matter of discussion in an organization during email migration in an organization because data is required to be accessed in the email application you are moving into. This is the matter that disturbs not only employees in organization but home users too who cannot even execute a single operation without email platform.

When users wanted to convert their complete data from OLM files to MBOX, then the more than obvious query occurs is how to convert OLM to MBOX. Our OLM to MBOX software supports this crucial Convertire file OLM in MBOX (Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora etc).


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Understand the Matter with the Examples Given below

  • You have email account in Outlook for Mac 2011, which is undoubtedly fulfilled with advanced features. However, the situation constantly troubling you is high cost incurred in maintenance which you are paying since many years. Because of business downtime, you cannot afford to pay high amount in maintenance and want some relevant email platform which you can easily afford such as Thunderbird.
  • You can work with Macintosh unless and until you are well-versed with its features perfectly and the case is opposite with you because you are less computer techie, now you want to quit Outlook for Mac 2011 and wanted to migrate data in Entourage which is simpler to understand in comparison to Macintosh.

In the situations above if you convert messages, contacts, appointments, to do list, journals, tasks etc stored in OLM files to MBOX and readily execute Mac Outlook 2011 Open MBOX with our tool; you can access data easily in Thunderbird and Entourage because MBOX is supported by both of these emailing platforms.

Steps shown below tell Conversion OLM MBOX

  • Browse the location of OLM files; select the OLM files you want to convert in MBOX
  • Select the destination path to save your converted MBOX files after Conversion OLM MBOX
  • Click 'OK' to save converted data in MBOX

Determined to know Mac Outlook 2011 Open MBOX – Download Free Demo

Free of cost trial run of software liable to show live conversion procedure Mac Outlook 2011 Open in MBOX of first 50 mails. User can determine entire feature set and correct proceedings with the tool so that user will be at ease in complete operable mode for Conversion OLM MBOX.

Steps shown below tell Conversion OLM MBOX

After diagnosing all your needs in free trial version, decide the license you want tool in. All the three licenses will commonly Convertire File OLM in MBOX. Cost is not a matter to worry for because software converts entire data without any hassle.?

Note: You can ample use of our freeware OLM Viewer software to avail complete status of OLM files before buying OLM to MBOX software for preceding the step for how to convert OLM to MBOX.